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Hi.  I’m Sarah.  Want to travel with me? I promise this is not your Grandma’s bus tour!

Taken from the title of the iconic Pedro Almodovar film, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Women on the Verge Vacations became the unofficial nickname for the first group trip I planned to Spain in 2014.  Having previously guided a collage trip to Venice for D*Lux Travel, Madrid was my first trip to completely plan.  It was amazing (if I do say so myself)!  Since then, I’ve added a 3 cities (Prague, Vienna, Budapest) tour, a Costa Rica Retreat, and an Edinburgh week to my arsenal.   My travels have inspired several photography books (click links below to preview)

the little miss sushine tour Series, 2019 | LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE TOUR
the annaghmakerrig Series, 2018 |
the how now
 joão baião Series, 2018 | HOW NOW JOAO BAIAO
the praha Series. 2017 | PRAHA
the ausfahrt Series. 2017 |
the great scot!  Series. 2017 |
the angleterre/amsterdam Series. 2016 |
the habsburg Series.  2015 | HABSBURG:  VOLUME 1 and HABSBURG:  VOLUME 2
the uk is ok Series.  2015 |  THE UK IS OK
the españa Series.  2014 | ESPANA
the britannia Series.  2014BRITANNIA
the venezia Series.  2012 |  VENEZIA

My goal with Women on the Verge is to plan a new trip as frequently as possible.   There’s so much to see! Some trips are planned to the hilt and others are more loose. Interested in hearing more?  Contact me!

Email me at:  Women on the Verge Vacations

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